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My younger brother came to visit me for a week last month and it was the happiest time ever. I absolutely LOVE having him around. I hope and hope that he ends up living somewhere near me when he is finished with school (years from now probably!) 
Skyler has never, NEVER been good at buying things for himself (whichhhhh is that a good or bad thing??) but he especially neglects his wardrobe. He will wear the same pair of shoes until the soles are completely shredded off and even then he might just duct tape them on again! 
So mom texted me after seeing this picture of us (right) and said she didn't like his jeans. I said I didn't like his entire wardrobe haha! So she gave me the task of putting together an entirely new wardrobe for $300. Challenge accepted!! 

So below I have what I think are some basics that should be in every mans wardrobe. I included prices as well so you can see for yourself what you'd be spending. Now, don't waste your time doing the math and adding everything up. It's past $300 but my brother already owns a few of these things, so this was more for you guys! This is perfect if you're out looking for your husband, boyfriend, brother, kids, yourself etc. All of this stuff is definitely MY personal style so it may not be yours which is okay but hopefully this will give you a basis for a good capsule. I also put two little stars ** next to the items that I know first hand are perfect (because I buy all of Steven's clothes too haha) 

Happy Shopping!! 

**Hat $28 //  **Sunnies (use code Jordanmarie20 20%off) $32 // Personalized wooden watch $77  // Basic Tee $8 //  Printed Tee $12 //  Sweater $15 // Quarter zip Pullover $33 // Denim button up $25 //  **printed button up $13 // Bomber Jacket $30 // Field Jacket $30// **Puma Sweats $19// Light wash jeans $38 // Khaki pants $38 // Dark Jeans $53 //  **Sweatshorts $13 // **Shorts $19 // Oxfords $35 //  Nike $38 //  Converse High Tops $50