World's Tastiest No Meat Pasta


So I was feeling like. Some kind of way the other day when I was meal prepping. I had been prettttttty darn sick for what seems like forever and this was the first day I actually had some energy and boy oh boy did I put that energy to good use- I was a chef master!! I made 4 different meals (and I will be sharing all of them with you eventually) but this was the most requested so I had to share ASAP! This was hands down one of the very best recipes I have EVERRRRRR EVER made. Ever. So…. I hope you enjoy it as much as Steven and I did.

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One Pan Sausage and Veggie Recipe

This is one of my absolute favorite recipes to cook and it’s one of Steven’s favorites to eat soooo that’s a win win! I love making it because I still get to do some sort of “cooking” with chopping and mixing and baking, but it’s so ridiculously easy and I usually have these ingredients in my house at all times anyway so it’s a great go to. I hope you all enjoy it as much as we do!

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Chicken Parmesan

I did a poll many many weeks ago on my instagram and it was whether or not you wanted me to make longer blog posts with step by step picture tutorial on my recipes + the final product or just the simple lists of ingredients and instructions and you all wanted to just keep it simple (which honestly thank goodness I agree! I hate when I am trying to get to a recipe and I have scroll allllllll the way down to the bottom passed the lady’s husbands favorite food and all the pics. Just give me the dang recipe- so I got you! Enjoy this tasty chicken parm meal!

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Santa Fe Chicken

Soooooo without going into detail, Steven will be at dispatch for the next few years as opposed to out on the engine so that means his schedule goes from 24 hours on and 96 hours off, to a basic 9-5 job. Soooo I’m back at it with the meal prepping and when I prep meals SPECIFICALLY for Steven you know because it’s spicy and or hot. So taco mix anything, chili powder anything- steven is all about. haha. And this chicken was a perfect recipe for him!!

santa fe finish.JPG

santa fe ingredients.JPG
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Home Made MeatLoaf

I feel like the word meatloaf just immediately turns people off. They really should come up with a better name!
But to be honest, I was like that as a kid. I just knew other people didn’t like it so why would I?? The first time I tried meatloaf was in highschool (or maybe ending middle school) I was at my friends house and her mom made meatloaf. Well…. let me tell you it was the hardest thing in the entire world for me to force down. I’m not exaggerating. I HATED it.
So the fact I tried it again is bizarre… but here I am now totally in love. I do keep it very plain but I will show you what you can add into it to make it more zesty and flavorful!

  • Ingredients If made from Scratch:
    2 tsp dried mustard
    2 tsp paprika
    1.5 tsp Salt
    1.5 tsp Basil
    3/4-1 tsp Thyme
    1tsp Pepper
    1tsp garlic powder
    1tsp onion powder
    2# ground beef/turkey
    2 eggs
    1/2 cup milk

  • If using the McCormick’s meatloaf mix- add milk, eggs.

  • possible additives
    panko bread crumbs
    dijon mustard


Mix all ingredients together into a large bowl. Mix together with your hands. Then place into an oven safe dish (it was valentines day so I made small heart patties for meal prep!
If you choose to do small patties- bake for 1 hour
If you Choose to do one large loaf - bake for 1 hour 15 minutes

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Enjoy!! My mouth is water just uploading this :)