I have a shopping addiction

So this is going to get serious here for a hot minute.
I decided to do “no spend January” for the month of January this year. This meant (to me- it varies from person to person) that I ONLY spent my money on bills, food (specifically groceries only) and gas. Now..to probably a lot of you you’re like uhhhh k? that’s normal right? lol well. lemme tellya something.
It isn’t. Sure as heck not for me. Especially with blogging. Now of course I didn’t and never have bought every single piece of clothing you have seen me put on- but I did purchase A LOT. And I never really realized how much until this month.

I didn’t think this was going to be that big of a deal, but on January 12 or 13 (somewhere around there) I felt- LIKE REALLY REALLY FELT IN MY BONES- this huge urge to just. BUY STUFF. Nothing in particular, I didn’t have anything I felt I needed- nothing. Just literally the need to spend my money. So what I did was get online and “pretend shop” added things to my cart that I normally wouldn’t have thought twice about purchasing. Then saw my total and transferred that amount that I normally would have just spend on random stuff (stuff I absolutely didn’t need mind you) to my savings. And then I continued to do that for the rest of the month. I would write down in my phone what I wanted to buy and the price next to it, and after having a few items I would transfer the total into my savings. This was all it took to motivate me to keep saving and stop spending. I LOVED seeing the amount of money I was saving, and I’m embarrassed (but proud) of the amount I saved overall this month. I am going to continue on with this into February, march and so on!
SOooooOOOO I thought I would share with you some of the items I was wanting a long with a goal list of items I know I want at this point but are on the pricier side.

so long story short- I think I used to have a legit shopping problem. But saving money feels so much better!
TRUST ME- when I say that this is just like… 1/4 of what I wanted to buy! Oh sheesh…