Current brow routine 2019

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Okieee okie so I messed up on the upload in the very beginning— so forgive that mistake and enjoy watching!!

I had honestly just kind of.. stopped using my philosophy skin tint. No specific reason why just did. And let me tellll ya! That was a mistake; when I randomly decided to use this again I fell in love all over again. You’ll see in the video that even the brush is amazing. I found an amazing price to get all three products on QVC (probably one of the fastest growing loves of my life! Everyone should shop on QVC)
The other thing I wanted to highlight in this video is THE. PERFECT. NUDE. you guys… this isn’t going to be for everyone and I get that. But I feel like my entire life I have been searching for a nude that matches up to my standards and what I am looking for. And I think I have finally found it! All the links are below! :) :) :)

This is a rustic orange look with the perfect fall lippie using the Born to Run eyeshadow palette from Urban Decay. All the items I used are listed below!

Products used:
It cosmetics CC cream - QVC pack of three on SALE!! COMES WITH BRUSHHHH!!!! (you guys…NEED this brush)



born to run eyeshadow palette- all urban decay products are 25% + Free shipping!
urban decay naked skin concealer


gerard cosmetics liquid ipstick in shade sedona

colourpop cosmetics lipstick in shade “quickie” - all luxe lipsticks are 25% off!! use code: LUXITUP