Maskcara- How to highlight and contour


This is one of the most common questions I get when I talk about Maskcara makeup. Working with creams is definitely a lot different than your normal liquids and powders- but I’m telling you right now it’s amazing! It may take 2-3 times of applying to get used to it (which hopefully this video and any other videos of mine) help you out to make the process nice and smooth for you.

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Eyeshadow shades used in this eye look:

Maskcara - Foundation routine old vs New!

Hello hello hello!
In this post i’m sharing some super fun and exciting products that’ll help save you some serious cash money! I am comparing my old foundation routine to my new one using all maskcara products.
If you are new here- Maskcara is a beauty line that I sell and absolutely LOVE!
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old routine here Shop products below!

old routine here
Shop products below!

New Products!!

New Products!!

Old Routine:

foundation: IL Makiage 

concealer: Too Faced Born This way $29.00

Liquid Bronzer: Urban Decay $34.00

Powder Bronzer: Physicians Formula $16.00

Blush: Becca Cosmetics $32 

highlighter: Champagne pop $39.00

Brows: ABH Brow Wiz $21.00

Lips: Mac Modesty $18.50

Beauty Blender: $20

TOTAL: $253.50

New Routine:

Base highlight: $14.00

Contour: $14.00

Bronzer: $14.00

Blush: $14.00

Illuminator (highlight): $14.00

Brows: Same as contour 

Lip: Same as blush 

Perfecter Sponge: $13.00

TOTAL: $83.00

HOLY TAMOLE!! Huge price difference :) 

Pride Month- Rainbow Eye Makeup

"No makeup" makeup (COLLAB)

Hello hello hello!
Sharing this super fun collab with my girl Maria where we bring you our “no makeup” makeup.
I wanted to make this a little more in depth and helpful than just my typical quick makeup videos so I shared the “long version” and shortened it with some tips and tricks to make it even quicker and less products (thus making it more travel friendly!) I love love love how much makeup can change the way you look and feel and it’s truly such a relaxing thing to do.
It hasn’t been talked about too much, but lately I have been on the mend from a hospitalization. It’s taking me wayyyy too long to fully recover and EVERYTHING is hard to do these. Literally even breathing is painful. But that’s not the point- my point is that playing with makeup and products makes me calm, its fun and gets my mind off everything else that’s going on in my crazy life right now.
So hopefully you enjoy this cutie minimal makeup look and take some inspo from it. ;) Also don’t forget to check out Maria’s look!


shortened version!

shortened version!

Tips and Tricks to make it even more short and sweet!

Tip 1- you can absolutely cut down on the amount of product you are using. You’ll see here that I took out quite a bit of excess. You don’t need to use a hyaluronic serum. Use whatever facial moisturizer you have or pack with you. If nothing else, you can spray your face with your setting spray FIRST. I also took out my physicians formula butter bronzer. You can definitely leave this step in, and take out your highlighter and blush, but I personally think a small travel palette with the three compact shades is much better! I attached a few options for you down below.

Tip 2- Cut down on the brushes. I think your sponge is absolutely necessary. You can do all things with a sponge, and in all honesty, it works better with the tarte cc under eye color corrector than a brush does by farrrrr! Use one brush, and make it a medium sized brush like the one I have here. You can use it to add your bronzer, blush AND whatever colors your decide to your lid.

Extra: I left the cream bronzer because I think creams work better on dry skin with no product on it than powders but you can take that out as well!

Thanks everyone!! I hope you enjoyed and learned a few things. :) Happy day!

Birthday Makeup Tutorial (RED LIP!)

This is a super in depth video tutorial showing you everything from how I did my eyes to my face for my birthday. I think that this tutorial could be perfect for soooo many reasons too! New Years Eve, date night, night out on the town, memorial day or 4th of july (that pop of red lip really just makes it such a fun change!)
Follow along in the video below and you can shop ALLLLL the products that I used down below that :) Have fun!!

Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 7.43.48 PM.png

Purple Smokey Eye Using One Palette- BH COSMETICS

I did this super fun, and really flattering (surprisingly wearable) purple smokey eye using ONE eyeshadow palette. This is my second time using BH cosmetics and to say i’m impressed with this brand is an understatement. I’m truly BLOWN AWAY! It’s so cheap like.. so cheap. BH- how do you even profit??? and the quality is phenomenal. You’ll see the pigmentation in the video! Enjoy!

Used babelash defining brow creme in shade dark brown- use my code: Jordanmarieallen20 for a discount!

shop the look here

Green Eye look with lipstick!

Hello hello hello!
I created this green eyelook a few weeks back when I was really feeling like green eyes. I wanted a specific green color that I didn’t have and came up with this green shade by mixing together colors from my ABH lipstick palette (yes it’s eye safe- and yes it’s amaze).
So I thought I’d recreate and share with you!
I’m also collabing with my girlie Jasmin (see her IG here) where she also created a green eyeshadow look, so read to the bottom to follow the link to her blog to see how she created her look :)

anastasia .JPG

Don’t mind my super messy palette, but I mixed the blue, yellow and white to create that sage green you see on the silver palette.

Using the little brush that comes in the ABH palette, I put the green all over my lid. I then used a blending brush where I focused that on the upper half of the color, blending into my crease. I went back over the green closer to my lash line with the green to keep it darker and more pigmented down by the lash line, making a gradient effect.

I wanted to add some pizzazz ya know? So I found this glitter that happened to match PERFECTLY! Using a flat shader brush, I tapped that all over my lid. It stuck really well given that my lid was still a little tacky from the lipstick.

I then added a liquid black liner and mascara on the top lashes.

Back to the little brush that comes in the lipstick palette, I added the green to my lower lash line and then using a small smudger brush, smudged that out.
TIP: you can tap that brush into a brown or black and then smudge to add an even smokier effect

I then added a super bright inner corner highlight and finished the look off with mascara on my bottom lashes! BOOMZY!!
If you want to make this even smokier and more of a night time look, add black liner to your waterline!


I hope you guys enjoyed this little pictorial!

Check out jasmin’s eyelook here :) Happy Saturday!