Showering tips you might not know about! :)

Spa day + personal hygiene tips



I had mentioned in the past that I absolutely LOOOOVE skincare. I love skincare products, learning about the skin and the body, trying new products for your overall hygiene. I had read (quite awhile back actually) some things that have since changed some of the things I was doing in my day to day showering routine and I thought I would share! :)

Tip #1
It’s really good to let yourself feel cold water for at least 30 seconds. This supposedly aids in skin benefits such as keeping your skin less dry and tight, and it is also said to help you deal with stress. I still have a tough time with this one! I’m the type of person to take THE HOTTEST showers and it just gets hotter and hotter while I’m in there. But I do wash my face after getting out with ice cold water which leads me to…

Tip #2
You shouldn’t wash your face in the shower. The water you use for your showers is overall too harsh (temperature and pressure wise) for the skin on your face. I see all the time how people keep their face wash in the shower (steven keeps his in the shower and even after I told him this he still just shrugged. Pssshh boys) or their cleansing tools in the shower. I will keep my Ponds Makeup Remover in the shower, use it to rub off my makeup, but then I don’t rinse my face off or even let me face touch the water for the rest of my shower until I am out. Once I am out, then I go to the sink and wash off my face and do my skincare routine with ice cold water (which is actually VERRRYY refreshing with freezing cold water after having such a hot shower and the bathroom is steamy).

Tip #3
For my body, I love to use this natural soap I order from amazon; umm its totally amazing and leaves my skin super smooth. I used to only use dove but then started to notice small bumps on my arms and after experimenting around I realized it was from the dove soap- so I switched and never looked back! It comes in a bar form (there is also a liquid form) but I had learned that it is not cleanly to leave in the same spot in your shower (just on the corners of my tub) and is just asking for bacteria to grow on it. Which makes total sense once I read that! The article I read stated that if you use bar soap, the soap should be lifted off a surface and placed on something with holes or “vents” so that the bar of soap isn’t sitting on a solid hard surface gathering bacteria. I found this super cutie little soap holder that I would have ordered if I didn’t have other things I wanted up and off the corners of my tub also!

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 8.33.43 PM.png

Tip #4
For the same reason that you don’t want your bar of soap sitting on the shelf, you want to HANG up your razor. So I bought this perfect shower caddy that I just absolutely LOVE. It’s perfect for hanging my razor, my bar of soap and my loufa.

Tip #5
WASH YOUR FEEEEEET! It’s natural to think that while you’re showering your feet get plenty clean with the water constantly hitting your feet. Your feet are not clean enough ladies and gents. Just take your body wash and use your hand, wash rag, loufa whatever and give your pigs a good little scrub! :) I promise you, you’ll think about it afterwards and feel good about yourself knowing you’re sparkly clean!

Tip #5
Clothes, fashion, interior design etc- overall COMFORT is probably one of the most important things to me. So I am ALWAYS washing my clothes, rags, kitchen towels, rugs, sheets, comforter, blankets- all the things- and one day I randomly decided to just look up how often you should be washing specific items. I was pretty surprised reading about a couple, one being jeans- you don’t need to wash these after every use (like I was). Jeans can be worn up to 5 times before needing to go through a wash cycle. Sheesh.
Regarding your bath towels, I read that they need to be washed after 3 uses. I am usually switching them out after every use (but decided I might as well try and save money by washing my stuff less) but its very important that your towels have a chance to completely dry! COMPLETELY! This means to either have your towels lie flat to dry or hanging. I bought some shower curtain hooks and hung them on the rod in my shower so I am able to hang up robe, a towel for myself, a guest, and steven :) I also can hang up my head towel which…. is my last tip to talk about!

Tip #6
It’s healthy for your hair to use a head towel that’s a different material than your bath towel. This material should be microfiber- which will be so much gentler on your hair and won’t cause breakage and more damage. My mom bought me all three of mine and I Love them! They have a perfect little loop to tie up too so your head isn’t falling all over the place :)

Well I hope you enjoyed this little blog post and might have learned a few tips! :)


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