2019 New Year's Resolutions

I have never made a new years resolution before (well maybe when I was a kid and it was an assignment in school) but this year I’m just feeling like.. I should. There’s things I want to do to better myself, and just do for myself. I’m thinking of these as more of goals rather than Resolutions, but I wanted to share!

One of the things on my list is to write more. I had bought a cutie little green journal almost an entire month ago, with the plan to keep down my fitness goals and progress in it, but just hadn’t started it. So this is the perfect time I think to start. So here’s a list of what I had written down on the very first page of my journal.

2019 Resolutions

  • Go to bed early/consistent time

  • Get up no later than 7:00am

  • Gym AT LEAST 4x/week

  • MASTER meal prep for myself

  • Gain-> 93lbs and maintain!

  • Write in journal 4-5x/week

  • Read more

  • Listen to more podcasts

  • Stay consistent with new blog schedule


  • Be *IN SHAPE* for June Cruise

  • Get into RewardStyle for blog - GAIN followers :)

  • Be the most healthy version of myself I can be

To me these are all very personal, and I have a very specific reason behind each one. Without going into too much detail about each one, I am excited to share some fun fitness news with you all a little later this month! I know that for a lot of people, health and fitness is a huge aspect in people’s lives that they want to work on. So good for you! Keep up the hard work, and stay tuned for more exciting news later this month.

I wanted to share (and have saved for myself) some of my favorite moments from this year below. Happy New Year everyone and I hope 2019 truly is your best and happiest years yet.