Most Comfortable Shoes + Disney World Approved!

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then you know I was recently on a big family vacation doing all the things Disney. We started off by flying down to Florida and leaving on a 5 day Disney Cruise then immediately knocking out two days at the Disney World Park in Orlando afterwards. Whew…. not only is JUST disney world park alone a TONNNN of walking, but the entire week, cruise included, consisted of A LOT. A LOT A LOT A LOT of walking and putting in some serious mileage on my baby bird legs and feet. Luckily I went knowing there would be a lot of walking so I wore my number one tennies- Nike Free Runs. And since then I have been absolutely obsessed with comfort. Comfortable shoes. Flip flops, bottoms whatever. So I made a mash up of a bunch of my favorite comfiest, Disney World Approved tennies and even a few other items.