At Home Teeth Whitening- Does it work?

Okie okie. This post is so super exciting for I feel like, literally anyone and everyone! Brides- boom. Normal old ladies like me- boom. Men- boom. Literally everyone!!

Smile Brilliant is an at home teeth whitening service. It’s ridiculously convenient and like. Legit works guys. For real. That’s the best part of this whole thing so I promise it’s worth the read! Plus a fun giveaway in the end ;)

Smile brilliant sends you an entire kit to make your moldings. This immediately had me impressed. I had teeth whitening done in the past, that I got directly from my sister who worked at the dentist office where I got my braces from, and I had to go in and get moldings taken so I could have trays for my teeth. So the fact that you get this had me intrigued right off the bat. Also guys, to get this from your dentist directly is upwards of a $500.00 fee! uhhhhh…. just let that sink in for a minute.

Anyway! It took only a little over a week or so after sending it back to get my trays back! They are legit like a set of clear retainers. Rubber and really comfortable to wear.

Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 1.56.23 PM.png

One thing that smile brilliant sent that I did not get in the past, was sensitivity gel. I personally didn’t use it, but I did find that my teeth were sensitive after using. So it was nice that I had the option!


I eat like. Literally all day long, all the time. So for me, I found it best to sleep in my trays. This worked perfectly! And again, it’s actually comfortable! So I didn’t find I had a hard time sleeping. But you could easily do it in the morning when you’re getting ready for the day. Pop them in, put your makeup on, fix your hair, clean, RUN ERRANDS! Shower.. literally whatever.

My Before and afters:

I’m going to be brutally honest- I was not religious about doing this. And I literally saw results after the very first night I used it. This is after a total of 4-5 nights (all at random times) (moving… is hard guys). Anyway you can see I had some discoloration in mainly my front tooth that now gone. My teeth are brighter and just less dull. EEEK! LOVE! EEEK EEEK EEK! I will definitely be using this A LOT.


It works. It literally, actually works.
It’s affordable. I realize $149.00 is a steep price point to look at right off the jump, but when you want true results that WORRRRRK (lets see if I can say that it works again) then it’s worth paying literally 1/4 of the cost as opposed to going to your dentist.
Its easy and comfortable
Its amazing for any upcoming events- I saw results after the first use. If you know you’re attending an event even just a day or two prior- boom do it and your teeth will thank you.

It may make your teeth a little sensitive. You can adjust how long you leave the trays in though- even as little as 45 minutes PLUS the desensitizing gel.
That initial cost could be a tough pill to swallow.

Smile Brilliant and I are teaming up to offer you guys some goodies!!! :)

Now where it get’s really exciting! THE GIVEAWAY AND DISCOUNT DEETS :)

First off- the giveaway! (yay cheers yay!)
*One Winner will get the sensitive whitening kit ($149.00 value) to brighten your smile! This will come with the moldings for your trays and the syringes for your whitening gel and sensitivity gel! All you need to do is follow me @Jordanmarieallen on Instagram as well as @smilebrilliant IG account. Follow this link here to enter your email so be entered in the giveaway. Wham Bam Cozam!!

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Thanks for reading and happy day!!! XXOO