Sultry Valentine's Day Makeup!

Hello Hello Hello!
I am so so excited to bring you this sultry, smokey makeup that is seriously perffff for valentine’s day. Even if not for vday, I honestly would wear this with a nude lip on a regular day! If you have green or brown eyes this will seriously make your eyes pop! :)

I am teaming up with a few other super cutie, and oh so talented beauty bloggers for this post as well. Links to their blogs and makeup looks are at the bottom of this post! Enjoy!


Starting with a light brown, just a tad darker than my skin tone, I placed it all over my lid and up into the crease and a tad above with a large fluffy blending blush.


Using the same fluffy brush, I dipped into this perfect vibrant purple shade and add this all over my lid, and blending it outwards into a slight wing shape.


Using a more densely packed blending brush, Im going into a deeper shade of purple and focusing it on the outer corners of my eyes, really making that wing shape stand out now.


Taking a flat brush, I am going into this shimmery “topper” shade. The color alone comes off more pink and sheer, but putting it over the first purple shade we used it showed up as a bright and light purple. I’m putting this on the inner portion of my lid and into the inner corners of my eyes.


Now dipping into a reddish/pink shade I am putting this right where the deep purple we used on the outer corners to meet the bright and light pink we put in the inner corner in the previous step.


with a loreal loose pigment and the same flat brush, I am going right over that last reddish/ pink shade to really make it pop. Truly, you could skip the previous step and just go straight into the loose pigment (or skip this if you just have the palette!)


I am now adding a super gorgeous bright white shade in my tear ducts (inner corner) and on my brow bone directly under the arch and tail end of my brow.


Adding a liquid liner in a cat eye shape just on the top lash line, and LOTS of mascara on the top and bottom lash line. (I place on the bottom lash line AFTER the next step down below.


With a small smudger brush, I am taking a brick red shade and spoking out my bottom lash line. Like SMOKKKKKINGGGGG it out. Now I add lower lash mascara. :)

The final look….


I added a mac lipstick in shade; D for Danger and this is the final look! I LOVE how it turned out :) :)
And I hope you all did too!
See my instagram here to watch the full video and see my friends blogs below for their vday looks.

Comment below your valentine’s day plans!