Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

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It's here it's here it's here!!! The NSale is literally one of the most anticipated sales of the entire year. BRAND NEW items will be available for up to 40% off. There are people that will get their entire Christmas list done during this sale. 

Important Dates

Early access starts- July 12th, 2018

Open to all shoppers- July 20th, 2018

Sale ends- August 5th

The Nordies sale typically goes live around 2am, which at that point I will be sharing ALL THE THINGS! I will be sure to hit every single category and picking and sharing my favorites and what I think will sell out fast. Be sure you're following me on insta! :) 

I understand that instagram stories "swipe up" option is super super convenient and I do not have it :( I want to list a few of my favorite bloggers for you to follow specifically during this sale who I think will be on top of everything and share the cutest stuff. 

  1. @thesisterstudioig
  2. @kingdomofsequins
  3. @livingmybeststyle
  4. @jscott24
  5. @almost_readyblog
  6. @sarahtondello
  7. @sweetandpetite_

This is is no particular order- but these gals have great taste and are always on top of the sales! 

Check out the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale HERE. 


It has begun!!
Keep checking my instagram stories and highlights for my updated picks- but I will be sure to add them all here below! 

My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale picks
Nordstrom Anniversary Sale picks

Nsale home under $100

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Everything linked above is under $100! :) Happy shopping