My February Loves, Wants and Needs!

I had shared last month that I was participating in No Spend January. Well it was quite the experience for me. It was eye opening and has truly changed the way I shop now! See my whole blog post here. I saved an embarrassingly large amount of money that I decided to just continue on with it for… forever :)
One thing that helps me along the way during the month (because lets me honest, there are temptations all over every. single. day. Especially for me as a fashion and lifestyle blogger) so I started keeping track of the random items that I would have, in the past, not thought twice about and just purchased and putting the money that I would have spent on those items away into a savings account. Seeing that money go into an account is literally the most amazing feeling ever. Sooooo this was one of my favorite blog posts from last month that I decided to just carry it over to February as well.
These are allllll (or most) of the items that I wanted so so bad and almost bought- but didn’t. (sad face).