All Things Colourpop! + 20% off your order

Colourpop is my all time favorite beauty brand. Well.. MAKEUP brand. I haven’t tried their sister account that shares skincare prodcuts but if it’s anything like colourpop i’m sure i’d love it.

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So I thought I’d share with you a quick little blog post, including a pictorial and video using some colourpop products I have and love and I have a shopping grid at the bottom with ALLLLL THE GOODIES! Eeek I hope you guys take advantage of this sale for April and get to know and love and test out Colourpop cosmetics.

I love this super shock cheek! I use it on days (like today actually) where I am only wearing mascara and brow filler and it looks so natural and pretty on my bare skin.

Taking a super fluffy blending brush, I blended this shade from the palette SOL all over my lid and high above the crease. Basically all over the space between my brow and lash line.

using another fluffy blending brush, I put this shade all over the lid and just slightly lower than the previous shade.

To deepen up the eye look a bit, I took this bottom dark brown shade and focused that on the outer V of my lid.

Using just my finger I went into this bright orange-shimmer shade and put that all over my lid. Using your finger I find gives you the best payoff!

Using a teensy tiny brush I went into this gold, champagne shade and put that in the tear duct of my eye.

Using that same tiny brush, I went back into the super shock cheek highlight and put that on top in my tear duct as well as underneath my brow, mostly on the tail end.

Using this liquid shadow and put that on the outer portion of my lid between the shimmery orange we placed with our finger and the deeper brown shade on the outer corner.

I then took my colourpop eyeliner in brown and lined just the top of my lashes, as well as added Black mascara to the top and bottom lashes.

My favorite part- lippies!!! I added a blotted lip then a nude lux lipstick on top. :) See the video below to watch everything being applied!!