Where have you been all my life??

I recently put a poll up on my instagram asking where you guys wanted to see my next in store try on to be. Well… it was a pretty close race between H&M and American Eagle (which duh- are both amazing stores and don’t you worry your pretty little head- will be coming soon!) but when I saw that Forever21 was having a sale on dresses today I had to go in. I haven’t shopped forever21 in… um years? And the last thing I purchased from them was a sweater which I had ordered online- so I honestly don’t even know the last time I had been INTO a store. I do (very vividly) remember it being an absolute disaster to shop in though. Clothes everywhere, nothing organized, sizes sold out of everything- just a mess. So I was prepared for a hellish search.
okay okay. 1- this was the most organized freaking forever21 I had ever seen! Like. Good job team. It was actually a calming experience to shop and super easy to find my sizes and items I was looking for.
2. wow i’m like obsessed with this store now. first of all- it’s so freaking affordable and the quality of the items I touched and tried on. Perfecto!

So… I did a tryon and wanted to take home every single dress I put on. I wanted to continue through the store and do more, but I didn’t have time today so I will for sure be heading back but I had to come and put together a blog post of items I saw that I loved and just other items I would/am ordering. I honestly feel very comfortable in ordering almost any item (not jeans- because I haven’t tried them yet and those are just personal ya know?) and be totally confident in knowing that it will most likely fit the way I expect, want, and be good quality! EEEEEK ENJOY!

See my tryon here.