Get Fit With J&H for 2019!

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Hello hello hello!!!!
I have been so so excited about this post :)

The beginning of a new year brings a lot of new new for everyone. New beginnings, new purchases, new additions and new resolutions. And for so so many, getting fit and healthy is a HUGE new years resolution.
I have learned throughout my short 26 years in life, that the gym is something that truly truly makes a difference in the best way possible for me.

I am a teensy gal and struggle with gaining and maintaining weight. For me, the gym is my way of getting that extra bulk I need. And no no, I’m not saying you’re going to get all ripped out and gross! Muscle weighs a surprising amount and even if it’s toned and lean, it’s strong. I cannot stress enough how important it is to get yourself strong and healthy. I feel legit happier, stronger, more energetic, smilier just OVERALL BETTER when I am in the gym consistently but that can be difficult for some, so my good friend Hannah and I want to help motivate you to start getting fit and healthy or help keeping you going with your resolutions for the year! :) :)

My Fitness Journey

I grew up playing sports. Legit ALL the sports. I danced, tumbled, softball, track, and volleyball up to college. My dad taught karate as a black belt and played softball so working out was just in my blood.
I now completely rely on the gym to keep my weight up. And I realize that’s not the case at all for a lot of people. Your goal might be to lose weight, lose inches. And that’s great! Lets get you there :)
I am TELLING YOU GUYS, once you start going to the gym consistently you will feel flippin’ amazeballs!
So here’s some tips for those of you who are starting your fitness journey:

  1. Take it slowwwww. You do not want to just go hard in the gym one day to the point that you just can’t even walk for the next three days. Your body isn’t used to the workouts, and movements and it will be sore!

  2. Go for 20 minutes, 3x a week. Keep it light- if you overdue it you may get tired of it really quick.

  3. DON’T go heavy on the weights. For me, I started with my body weight. When I say you want to get down the correct form BEFORE going in hard with heavy weight on a move you might not feel secure about, I’m telling you that counts for waaay more. Take it from me ;)

  4. Don’t be intimidated at the gym. Lemme tell ya- I was sooooo intimidated when I first started weight lifting. I look like a 12 year old scrawny little girl trying to lift weights and I thought every single person was looking at me and judging. Now that I know better- dude. NO ONE IS PAYING ATTENTION TO YOU! haha people are there to do their own thing. And honestly, if I see someone who is clearly struggling with a machine or new to the gym, I am impressed. GOOD FOR FREAKING YOU!

  5. try new things! I LOVEEEEE yoga, barre, pilates. But I also love and adore weight lifting and sports related workouts. You might find you freaking hate yoga. Try it- cuz you might LOVE it

I can remember the day when I noticed I was walking with more “power”. And you might laugh and think Jordan you are barely 90lbs, you’re not powerful. But I really was. I was stronger, faster, and healthier! It made me more confident, and just plain happy and I want you to feel that way too!

From now until the end of the giveaway I will have instagram stories, posts and blog posts with different exercises and workouts I love and think you can all do too along with healthy meals and snack ideas and recipes.
My cutie friend Hannah is also a fitness lover! We are collabing together from now until February 1st to keep you all accountable in your fitness journey.
Here’s how to enter:
1. From now(January 14) until February 1st we want you to post your workouts. Whether that’s in your stories, or a post on your instagram feed. It can be a photo of you in the gym, a short video of your exercise, the weights you were using- anything involving you and your workout. Be honest- don’t just snap a pic of planet fitness as you walk into Mcdonald’s.
2. tag me - @jordanmarieallen and Hannah @thecharmedbrunette in your post
3.Use hashtag #JHFITNESS2019
**Bonus if you tag a friend in your post**

Winner will receive 3 workout tanks and a set of resistance bands; two of my favorite workout items from Amazon, and a pair of leggings and weighted gloves; two of Hannah’s faves! Check out her blog here to see her fitness journey and catch what she will be giving away for the winner!!

EEEEK I’m so excited!

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