Top 10 Beauty Products of 2018

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I have teamed up with some of my faveeeee blogger girliefriends and today we are all going to be sharing with you our top 10 favorite beauty products.

I could EASILY come up with more than 10, so actually only being able to talk about 10 was more difficult that I originally thought it would be.

This is in nooooo particular order at all.

I have a little bit of everything- haircare, skincare, makeup, and some randoms. So lets get started (insert awkward winky face and finger guns).

okay okay okay. Keep in mind that these products work for ME. But not everyone loves everything. I even noticed a few of my picks have surprisingly low ratings- so that goes to show ya we’re all different!


1.) Hot tools curling iron - This thing. THIS. FREAKING. THING! Holy hot tamole. So I have curled my hair basically every single day of my life from 10th grade up! I actually saw my mom watching “The Ghost Whisperer” and I saw Jennifer Love Hewitt’s hair and immediately fell in love. I was obsessed and determined to get my hair like that and I’ve been curling it ever since. I invested in a higher end curling iron for the first time in my life this year and I will absolutely never go back! This thing heats up so fast, the curl HOLDS longer than any curling iron i’ve had, and it’s just. ah perfect.
2.) Shea Moisture African Black Soap Clarifying Mud Mask- I have always had pretty good skin, thank goodness. But since moving to the PNW from the south, my skin just kept breaking out. I soon realized my skin was dryer than before and my clarisonic was just too rough on my skin- causing little breakouts around my jaw and top of my forehead. When I saw I truly understand what it’s like to feel uncomfortable because of your skin- girl. I know! This mud mask absolutely saved my skin. I wore it every day for 10-20 minutes and holy smokes. It’s amazeballs. I SWEAR by tea tree oil- which is a main ingredient in the mud mask. It kind of smells like play-dough, but totes worth it!
3.) Babe-Lash Lash Enhancing Serum- if you follow me on instagram- you will already know that this was going to make my list. It’s absolutely incredible! One- it’s literally 1/4 of the cost of it’s competitors, AND it makes you feel pretty.(see before and after pictures) Use code: lovelash20 for an an extra 20% off!
4.) Neutrogena water gel+whipped body balm+hydrating face mask- this entire line has blown me away. I had used the water gel on a whim and it was the most amazing thing I’d put on my face ever. I tried this and the facial cream- this one is much better in my opinion!I of course immediately purchased and fell in love with the sheet masks in the line. The most recent purchase is the whipped body balm. First of all- it’s $6. SIX BUCKS! But my skin literally feeeeeeels hydrated hours after putting on.
5.) Morphe Setting Spray - I had jumped on this bandwagon way too late. Needless to say I’m so glad I finally did get on because this is the best spray ever. Half the magic is the actual mist of the spray can. It’s soooo incredibly fine that you literally sit there for a minute like..uh wait. what? did it work? (find my drugstore favorite here)
6.) . Dose of Colors Liquid lip -shade:sand - I have been on the hunt for the PERRRRFECT nude and I think this is it! Granted, everyone’s perfect nude is going to vary depending on their preference and skin tone- but if you’re similar to my skin tone or have the same taste as me- this is the one guys. This. Is. The. One.
7.) . Healthy Sexy Hair Hair Spray - It is so so soooo important to me that my hair does not feel dirty. I loathe that feeling. I’m not a dry shampoo user (BUT- the days I am this is my favorite) and I just prefer to wash my hair everyday. When I curl my hair I want to be able to touch my curls without knowing they’re going to just fall apart. I don’t know how this hair spray does it- but it says touchable on the bottle and it is! You can absolutely load it up to that crunchy texture but you don’t need it. Amaze.
8.) . Loreal Lash Paradise Mascara - I have never loved a mascara more. I have tried A LOT of mascaras out there too. And now between all of them, high end and drugstore, this just trumps all of them. Done.
9.) . Aquaphor Lotion - Sooooo I have dry skin (whoa what I don’t think I have ever told you that before! ;) And my feet are no exception. I know a lot of girlies are self conscious of their pigs especially during the summer. I put this on GENEROUSLY all over my feet, put some socks on for as long as I can stand it (never makes it through the night) and I am telling you the next day you’ll just touch your feet all day. Gross.
10.) Simple Modern Water Bottle - So this one might not seem like a “beauty” item- but drinking water is so important for your skin. If you notice , at least I have, the people that drink a ton of water typically have pretty good skin. Now a days, it’s not hard to find a vacuum insulated water bottle, but they can be pricey. This is my favorite brand because a) they’re cheap! b) so many sizes, and lid options c) the different designs of the bottles itself is endless!




That is it for meeeee :) I hope you enjoyed reading about my picks! Go check out my friends and what they’re top 10 picks are!! Happy happy Thursday!

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